Welcome to Southern Madagascar

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Who doesn’t love beach holiday – the chance to bronze yourself until even your grandmother doesn’t recognise you, sip cocktails to your heart’s content or to simply enjoy a good book. When people think of the best beach destinations in and around Africa, places like Mauritius, Zanzibar and Cape Town come to mind. But what if we were to tell you that the best beach destinations of Africa actually lie just off the continent? Madagascar, is home to more kilometres of seafront than any other African nation, with amazing hidden gems of white sand beaches.

Nosy Komba is another island that makes it onto our list. Situated between the tourist hot spot Nosy Be and mainland Madagascar, this oval-shaped volcanic island is home to several stunning beaches and lodges. The island is great if you have a sense of adventure running through your veins as Nosy Komba has numerous uninhabited coves to explore as well as paths that lead inwards to the island’s hills with a wide variety of birds, chameleons and black lemurs. If you plan on visiting, don’t forget to check out Tsara Kombra Lodge. Be warned: this beach lodge is only accessible by boat.

The Destinations

Isalo / Ifaty / Ranomafana rainforest / Ambalavao /Anakao / Ambatomilo / Antsirabe / Antoetra Zafimaniry village / Andringitra.

The Activities

Trekking / Paragliding / Hiking / Camping / Horse riding / Surfing / Snorkeling / Diving / Bird watching / Chameleon Spotting /

The Wildlife

Catta Lemurs / Carnivorous plant / Bamboo lemurs / spiny bushes / Birds / waterfalls / Medicinal plants / underwater animal’s life.

The Accommodations

The Isalo Rock Lodge / Hotel Thermal / The Plumeria Hotel / The Hypoccampo Hotel / Dunes d’Ifaty

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Welcome to the South, Madagascars hidden Jewel. Below is an overview of our parks

Anja reserve

Andringitra Park

Reniala reserve

Zombitse Vohibasia park

Tsimanapetsotsa Park

Ranomafana Park

Isalo National Park

Arboretum d'Antsokay

Try this RN7 circuit 14 Days Tour

The south of Madagascar is also  known as RN7 circuit that you can do around 10 to 14 days.

This tour is very rich in culture because the circuit passes across 4 to 5 different tribes of the 18 Malagasy tribes. Along the way you see daily life of Malagasy tribe.

During the tour, you will discover a great variety of landscapes passing through rain forest, dry savanna plateaus, dramatic sandstone canyons and granite formations.

The south has the rain forest which is Ranomafana national park, Isalo park ; the most visited national park in Madagascar.

You can end the stay with a seaside relaxation in Ifaty or Anakao.

Our tour include stay at the best hotels in Isalo which are Jardin du Roy et Relais de la Reine, Anakao Ocean Lodge in Anakao.

Top Beach Destinations

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