Welcome to Northern Madagascar

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This  circuit to the North of Madagascar includes visit of Ankarafantsika National Park, Amber Mountain tour, Emerald sea and the visit of the 3 baies of Diego : Pigeon Bay, Dune Bay and Sakalava Bay.

The visit of the red Tsingy of Diego Suarez makes this tour a very special one.

You can also continue to Nosy be. Several activities are possible in the spot  like excursion to Nosy Iranja, Nosy Komba and Nosy Tanikely and visit of the Lokobe reserve. The tour to Nosy Be or Diego requires at least 5 days from Antananarivo by plane. But the combination of Nosy Be and Diego needs 15 days.

The Destinations

Akanin’ny nofy / Andasibe / Sainte Marie Island / Pangalanes Channel / Tamatave

The Activities

Trekking / Boat cruise / Snorkeling / Diving / Whale- watching.

The Wildlife

Indri- indri / orchids / Aye-Aye / Variety of Palms / colorful chameleons / whales / leaf-tailed chameleons / Frogs.

The Accommodations

Andasibe Hotel / Eulophiella / Palmarium / Lakana hotel / Soanambo Hotel.

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Welcome to Northern Madagascar. Join us and discover the hidden treasures

Peyrieras exotic park

Vakona private reserve

Mantadia park

VOIMMA reserve

Palmarium reserve

Vakona reserve

Analamazaotra Park

Vakona private reserve


The tour to the Anjajavy need 5 days from Antananarivo by private plane.

Anjajavy is located 120 Km fom Majunga.

Anjajavy is both the name of a fishing village inaccessible to the unsuspecting visitor and a wonderful peninsula of the end of the world. The reserve has endemic flora of extreme wealth and is the refuge of many species of lemurs and reptiles.

It’s also a very great place to end a tour in Madagascar, for relaxing, several activities to undertake in the spot like visit of Morambe Bay, visit of the village, private boat ride …

Northern Madagascar Destinations

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