Welcome to Eastern Madagascar

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Welcome to Eastern Madagascar

Eastern Madagascar is travel the way it used to be. There is a wildness here of primordial allure, from the misty mountains of Masoala, down the huge coastline with its pounding sea and overhanging palms, to the lush waterways of the Pangalanes Lakes. This part of the country is largely cut off from the rest, and from itself, by a degraded transportation network, including some roads out of an engineer’s nightmare. Travelling here requires a combination of plane, car, 4WD, dirt bike, scooter, pirogue (dugout canoe), ferry, cargo boat, taxi-brousse (bush taxi) and motorboat. This inaccessibility results in isolated communities and, for the traveller, a constant sense of coming upon undiscovered locales, including entire national parks. There’s no doubt it can be frustrating at times, but Eastern Madagascar produces more travellers’ tales than anywhere else. If you value that, come here first.

The Destinations

Akanin’ny nofy / Andasibe / Sainte Marie Island / Pangalanes Channel / Tamatave

The Activities

Trekking / Boat cruise / Snorkeling / Diving / Whale- watching.

The Wildlife

Indri- indri / orchids / Aye-Aye / Variety of Palms / colorful chameleons / whales / leaf-tailed chameleons / Frogs.

The Accommodations

Andasibe Hotel / Eulophiella / Palmarium / Lakana hotel / Soanambo Hotel.

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Welcome to Eastern Madagascar. Join us and discover the hidden treasures

Peyrieras exotic park

Vakona private reserve

Mantadia park

VOIMMA reserve

Palmarium reserve

Vakona reserve

Analamazaotra Park

Vakona private reserve


150 kilometers from Antananarivo. It’s located in the region of Alaotra Mangoro, in the district of Moramanga.

This tour is about 02 days

Andasibe has two protected areas : the Mantadia national park and the Analamazaotra special reserve.  The main interest of this park lies in the observation of birds, lemurs and orchids.

It is home to several species of reptiles, 117 species of birds with an endemicity rate of 63%., 72 Mammals : 72 species of wich is 14 species of lemurs of wich Indri indri ; the biggest lemur of Madagascar and the rest is Chiroptera and insectivores. About flora 120 species of orchids with an endimicity rate of 100 %.

Eastern Madagascar Destinations

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