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Fond of nature and traveling, not only we work for your thirst for discovery but we want to share with you our passion for travel

REIS TRAVEL offers a comprehensive range of travel solutions  for individuals, families or group in Madagascar .We prefer to listen and create a unique experience, tailor-made holiday that’s right for you

We can call MADAGASCAR as the land of 1000 fantasies

This beautiful island which is located off southeastern coast of Africa is the fourth largest island

It shelters thousands of Wildlife, endemics species like lemurs, tropical forest, beaches and reefs. You can learn more about his history from many cultural and historical sites and there is much to discover. You will find beautiful people, with a big smile, friendly and helpful, Discover Madagascar, Discover yourself

CLIMATE of Madagascar

Madagascar has two seasons :

  • A hot rainy season from NOV to APRIL
  • A cooler dry season from May to october

The Hurricane season :

The hurricane risks only concern the months of January, February and March.

The Highlands is rarely affected by these phenomena. For Tananarive, the capital city, there is one case every 04 years

The best time to visit :

Whatever the season, the nature will always be waiting for you but the best time to visit depends on your itinerary.

The period to come to Madagascar is usually from April to November

West Coast :   April – Nov

Only in September and October if you want to stay dry

East Coast, Central highlands and  North :

Mid-april, september to october

The best time to visit the entire country is the September and October

What to bring?

April to October: a raincoat for East coast, a rain boots useful for night visit in the park, mosquito repellent, warm clothes for the central highlands

November to may: Light clothes


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