Rwanda is located in Central Africa With the political community on the side of East Africa. Rich with history and natural beauty. Rwanda is arguably the Cleanest, and safest place in the African continent.

Rwanda Boast an unmatched beauty, from its amazing hills, to its lush green forests that provide an ideal environment like no other for bird watching , gorilla trekking, and Animal watching . Allow Safari Elegance to show you the beauty that is Rwanda from the Akagera National park to the every green and unique nyungwe forest all the way to the Kamiranzovu swamp, visit the Nkora island , see the beauty that is gisenyi and the amazing lake kivu .

In Rwanda There are many interesting sights to see, with many guided tours to choose from. Each tour group is led by our experienced guide that specializes in teaching others about the landscape and wildlife of Rwanda. We will take you on adventurous volcano,waterfalls and rain-forests which are home to many different African animals.

With one of the largest Gorilla population in the world ,Rwanda is also home to a huge diverse population of animals including the largest natural park for hippos – some 20,000 are believed to be there. And Remember Plastic bags are a no no in Rwanda,