Traveling has always been my passion, by the time i was 19 years i had already traveled to India, Dubai and traversed Malaysia, From Kuala lumpur to kota kinabaru to penang, ” i must say those really where some wild years ..hahaha” in all fairness i was actually Doing my undergrad in Malaysia.

That in itself gave me the opportunity to explore the beautiful country , its amazing food ( Nasi Goreng . Anyone ?) Fast forward to 2017. I landed a job with Starkey Hearing Foundation, i am pretty sure you have heard about it.

The Good founder Mr.Bill Austin and His lovely Wife Mrs. Tani Austin who is the Co-founder decided to offer hearing Aids at no cost to the world, Yes you heard me right (totally Free) think i am lying ? well you can click here   to) find out more. Anyway back to my current Job , i am the regional Data Guy for Africa . Travel Travel Travel.. yes sir.

This has provided me with a unique opportunity to visit different countries, different cities, it has allowed me to meet different people, different cultures .. my oooh and of-course try different Cuisines . My name is  Eddy Amoke and this is my story well my journey .. story journey ..journey story .. adventures , safari adventures , travel adventures .. whatever you or i may call it . Welcome to my world.