Kenya is located on the Eastern Coast of Africa. Rich with history that dates back thousands of years, Kenya’s beauty and sheer number of parks and conservatives are unmatched, Kenya is arguably one of the best tourist destinations in the African continent. From the Amazing Masai Mara which host one of the natural wonders of the new world to the unique Amboseli park, Kenya has never been a disappointment when it comes to amazing places.

Kenya Boast’s an array of conservancies (119) all dedicated to protecting its valuable wildlife and the fragile ecosystem , from From the meru national park to the Amboseli, to the maasi mara, Tsavo where the man eaters of east Africa roamed . Allow Safari Elegance to show you the Gem that is Kenya from the Amazing Elsa’s Kopje to the lovely Loisaba conservancy not to forget the unique Lewa camps.

Kenya has many unique spots that will leave you breathless, Nairobi is the only capital city in the world with in a game park, And get this , you can pat baby Elephants , Rhinos right in the City, Click here to learn more  .Play with giraffes at the giraffe center before setting of to karen blixen museum . We will take you on adventurous excursions around the many numerous lakes in Kenya , from lake nakuru to lake naivasha, all the way to lake Victoria which is home to many different African animals.

With one of the largest concentration of wild animals in the world, your safari with safari elegance will impress you.