Family Safaris

Thank you for choosing to travel with Safari Elegance Tours and Travel, Kenya’s best safari operator. We focus on the quality of guiding, hence providing you with the best safari experience.
Our Safari Elegance caters to families traveling with teens and children. We ensure that your itinerary has been carefully tailored depending on your interesting excursions and the ages of your children.
There’s lots of hands on activities, local interaction and educational fun too, that your family as a whole will enjoy- where everyone gets involved. Safaris are mostly tiring and so for very young children,it is recommended they take short family safari days. For children aged between 10 – 12 years,,a safari in Tanzania and Kenya or Botswana would really suits them. Africa is a wildlife haven and nature’s playground. The local maasai would teach your family the basics of survival in the great wilderness, and how to interact with wild animals, how to make a bow and arrow from scratch and how to use it

Countries best suitable for African Family Safari Tour

 Kenya Family Tour

Kenya is one of the best countries in Africa to visit on a Family Safari, because it has very many activities plus adventures that suits members of a family. While on game drives, you will have the experience of viewing the magnificent wildlife while on hot air balloon for perfect family memories.

Mt Kenya for its snow-capped peak  , the Masai Mara’s golden, grassy plains, the pink blush of Lake Nakuru and the wildebeest that annually migrate in millions are but some of the delights waiting for you in Kenya.

Botswana Family Tour

Botswana is a home to large populations of wildlife, rugged national parks, wetlands and tablelands alive with birds and one of the world’s largest deltas; Okavango Delta Waterways, Botswana’s topography is an interesting mix of desert and its bounty of natural treasures is remarkable. Your family will be left is awe as they explore the hidden treasures of botswana

Over a quarter of Botswana’s land is set aside for nature’s conservation, join us to unlock the heart of the unforgettable destination.Much of Botswana’s North is taken up by the expansive Okavango Delta, comprising of more than 16,000sq km of channels & islands.

Tanzania Family Tour

Tanzania is a home to the big ‘5’ with many experiences. It’s perfect for both an adventurous and wonderful safari for perfect family memories.

Hospitality in Tanzania is very impressive, as you and your family can be taken care of very well throughout your short holiday period.

Best ideal places to tour  are the Ngorongoro Crater, Olduvai Gorge, the Serengeti National Park and Lake Manyara National Parks.

Experience the vast wilderness of this country on your once family safari. Your wonderful Tanzania safari can be combined with beach holiday for a memorable life moment.

Zambia Family Tour

Discover the real Zambia as a home to emerald green National Parks with abundant crocodile, elephant and hippo populations for a wild experience.

There is more adventure in Zambia than some other African countries due to its raw beauty of its huge tracts of wilderness and its enormous herds/wildlife.

During guiding, children under 12 years are prohibited from walking in the national parks. Activities like canoeing, microlighting and boating, night drives not excluded, are available in your safari.

Visiting Zambia is worth the value of your money.

Mauritius Family Tour

Mauritius is a paradise in the Indian Ocean,distinctively beautiful and bathed in year round sunshine, offering family visitors with limitless options for water and land based activities and amazing scuba-diving, birdwatching too!

Mauritius has got breathtaking landscape and scenery which are; the fresh clear sea to the horizon, white flour sand beaches, profuse vegetation, bold and striking volcanic rocks, and thriving coral reefs.

There is the spa, and the kid’s club in high standard for little ones to teenagers to ensure they are active and entertained while their parents take a good time together and alone.

Mauritius is malaria-free, and the climate is suitable for families, since it was ranked on 2nd position in the whole world for having quality air that eases breathing especially for little ones.

Hospitality in Mauritius is also indispensable and worth praising with some of the most impressive resorts in the world. For others preference, there are exclusive resorts too in remotes areas.

South African Family Tour

South Africa can offer you all the world in one country from the wild grasslands of Kruger Park to Prehistoric Caves, from the Pristine Boulders each to Gold Reef city. The South African hospitality is most impressive and warming, making a wonderful destination of choice.

The culture of South Africa is one of the most diverse in the world. Their indigenous tribes are the Zulu, San Bushmen, Xhosa and Afrikaners of Dutch, English and tribal flavors and techniques. Their dressing culture range from modern fashion in the big cities to tribal tradition in the bush.

South African visit is worth your all your penny!