Educational safaris

When touring Africa, you not only enjoy the beauty of Africa’s nature and wilderness, spectacular sceneries and the birdlife plus animal attractions,,but also,,gain the academic experience and knowledge as a student or just any tourist interested in learning Africa.

It is one thing to learn in class or see pictures of an animal or a plant in a book and quite a another thing to see them face to face understanding firsthand experience.

Here are a what educational enthusiasts will learn about every country;



Located in the north of South Africa and East of Namibia, Botswana is one of the most stable and fully democratic countries in Africa.

It’s a small landlocked country. The largest population of elephants and a vast assortment of bird species, plus all of Africa’s big game and amazing cultures.

Botswana’s landscapes are a beauty!



Ethiopia is a country rich in cultures.

It’s got fertile highlands, ancient tombs and obelisks plus hewn churches.

This amazing country that has cultural activities that haven’t changed for years is a raw and magnificent destination you will receive in your lifetime.



It’s widely known for the wide open spaces, desert elephants and the world’s most spectacular sand dunes.

Namibia is called ‘Africa’s Gem’ providing information and knowledge about shipwrecking  on the Skeleton Coast, the Sossusvlei  Sand Dunes of the Namib Desert, the exotic Himba people living todate as pastoral nomads.

Namibia has hot days and nights which is fine, the climate is typically semidesert.



Kenya has a diversity oof landscapes including snow-clad mountain and glaciers, arid deserts, dry Savannah’, lush lakes and desert forest.

Kenya is a home to a great wildlife, the zebra and wildebeest migrate yearly in millions.

Kenya’s great Maasai Mara is the largest in Africa and most attractive tour site.

And the most spectacular scene around Mount Kilimanjaro is watching a herd of elephants crossing the plains…


Central African Republic

This country has finally openned doors for tourism after years of civil strife, being inaccessible and lacking infrastructure.

Gorillas, forest elephants, chimpanzees, colour monkeys, forest buffalo, dukies, rare bongo antelope and a number of other elusive species.



The stunning Victoria Falls, wildlife reserves all make up the beautiful Zambia because it has abundant water and open space.

It’s rich in an array of cultures having 70 spoken languages and ethnic groups.

Being a most welcoming country in Africa, Zambia is a stable nation with a variety of wildlife and plantlife.