Bird Watching Safaris

What comes to our minds the first thing we hear of birding and or bird watching?

Of course it could mean standing outside in a compound with face up to the clouds to watch /view the passing of diverse species of birds..Or it could mean studying the bird species and counting them. Ornithology is the study name.

Safari Elegance Africa is a specialist birding tour company customizing tours for both world listers and more relaxed holiday birders. We combine interests in mammals, butterflies, dragonflies, botany and other natural history aspects and will guide you to Africa’s and Madagascar’s most diverse birding destinations.

The following are African countries best ideal for birding and bird watching;


Birding is some of the world’s greatest riches in Africa especially in Kenya. Nearly 1100 species of birds have been recorded in Kenya and more species have been seen one day here in Kenya about 330 species of them than anywhere else on earth.

It’s a real treat Hartlaub’s Turacos and flocks of Red fronted Parrots from a lodge rooftop set within montane forest while sunlight dances on snow-capped Mount Kenya.

The species here you might see are Vulturine Guineafowl, Martial Eagle, coursers, sand grouse, bee eaters, and bush shrikes.

Lake Nakuru is flooded spectacularly with a million flamingos.

South Africa

It’s among the world’s greatest destinations for bird watching. There are over 900 species of birds, but still you will be able to spot plenty ranging from the well known; Swallows, Robins and Thrushes to those uncommon Turacos, Penguins and Sunbirds.

Aside from the Big 5 animals, the Kruger National Park got the Big 6 birds too! Cape Town is a no-exception. You may visit the penguin colony at Simon’s Boulders Beach and watch the spectacularly amazing birds playing and resting.

Given that you might have a day or two only for your safari, you will still be able to capture a lot for great memories.


This lovely country is non-negotiable on your safari and it is one of the best to visit. Safari Elegance will always go the extra mile to ensure your journey remains an experience.

Birds are in full breeding regalia, and watching the long tailed testosterone-laden widows and black, red and yellow bishops frantically displaying and chasing each other is a major highlight. It has over 1100 species recorded. In a small group of tourists you can expect to score up to 500 species of bird and the special ones are; Vulturine Guineafowl, Golden-breasted Starling, Bar-tailed Trogon and Fischer’s Lovebird.


Our Safari Elegance has a team of well trained bird guides for seniors, private groups and families for your lovely journey in this little country commonly known as, “The Pearl of Africa”.

Uganda offers an experience of diversity, exceptional and breathtaking. The country is more captivating and the birding experience is timeless.

Your trip here will be to explore the essential Ugandan birds i.e Shoebill, the Albertine Rift endemics, Green breasted and many more fulfilling the richness of Uganda.


Just like Uganda, Rwanda offers an experience of diversity too which is breathtaking. You will view a variety of bird species especially Shoebill where you do birding and chimpanzee tracking in Nyungwe National Park.